Sunday, 26 May 2013

Diamonds in the Rough

1950s dress I rescued from the jumble for £2.50 today.

Some rather wonderful vintage finds I have come across in the last couple of weeks, all acquired for less than ten pounds. Firstly, a beautiful 1950s buttercup yellow dress with floral applique details. (Photo taken pre-wash and iron!) It doesn't fit me so will be listed and added to my Etsy shop as soon as I get my sunny kitchen painted grey so it doubles up as a suitable photography backdrop for my vintage wares.
  Embroidered details on the shoulder and skirt pocket.

In the same rag pile I also came across a dead stock midcentury fruit print tablecloth with original tag.
  Dead stock midcentury fruit tablecloth (£1.50) with original tag. Untitled Rescued this sweet girl from the junk market today.

A lovely portrait of a sweet little girl. I couldn't let her end up in a skip at the end of the day.

Vintage photos found today. All for 50p.

A handful more rescued memories.

Some vintage 'spring' clothes pegs to go on the shelf in the kitchen when it eventually goes up. (50p)

I love the packaging on this intact box of wooden clothes pegs from the sixties. I look forward to one day displaying them on a feature shelf in the kitchen. They were only 50p and the logo on the reverse of the box is brilliant too.

I challenge you to find a better logo!

Some Midcentury books. (£5 for all three)

Some fifties and sixties books. A little casual sexism for the coffee table... The 1962 edition of Men Only magazine features a scathing contemporary perspective on the 'Modernist' look that was infiltrating youth culture and fashion:

Untitled A 1961 perspective on the Mod look.

'The average British youth of 18 can only look ludicrous wearing pale grey or gold pointed shoes some four inches longer than his feet'. Possibly one of my favourite quotes of all time.

Lovely Deptford.

To see more images of my flea market adventures as they unfold, follow my instagram. You don't even need an iPhone!

My bike looking handsome with its basket on today.

My bicycle looking handsome with its basket on.


  1. Lovely Pictures! I really likes the one with the windows!

  2. "The girls earn more money than us boys, but they want us to look smart. So we spend our money on clothes.."
    Hahaha! Poor boys, at the mercy of our wishes!
    Awesome finds!

  3. That dress is beautiful, I love the white tulips(?)! That and the portrait of the little girl are my favorites here. My American self had to google what skip meant, thanks for saving her from that fate! :)

  4. Love the tablecloth and the wooden pegs...I'm off to a flea market today, hopefully I'll find some good stuff too x

  5. Ahhhh I cannot wait for your Etsy shop to be updated!!

  6. These finds are brilliant, I love the dress! I really enjoy your instagram feed, hopefully I can find some flea markets when I move to London xx

  7. I just bought a twin to your bicycle on Wednesday of last week :) still debating between a front basket or a handlebar wine bottle holder.

  8. I love old packaging! I got some old name tags (the kind you stitch in your clothes) at the car boot yesterday and those are still in their original packaging. I think they're really interesting but I showed my boyfriend and he didn't get the appeal, the weirdo. Also love those books, the author sounds so bitter! Clearly couldn't pull off the mod look.

  9. I love the yellow in that dress! Definitely need more flea market adventures in my life.

  10. I am completely in love with the tablecloth, what a wonderful find, Dulcie! I can definitely see it brightening up any summer meal! And your Raleigh is looking very handsome indeed, the basket is just the perfect finishing touch :)
    It seems like both are calling for a picnic!!