Friday, 12 April 2013

Matfen Hall

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Coat: Mod Human Vintage
Gloves: Accessorize
Bag: Charity shop
Shoes: Beyond Retro
Velvet bow headband: Jess James Jake Vintage

On a snowy weekend at the end of March, Jian Wei and I journeyed to the Northernmost reaches of England to attend the wedding of a school friend. We spent two nights at the Barrasford Arms and enjoyed beautiful views of Haughton Castle from the two bay windows in our lovely bedroom.

The wedding took place at Matfen Hall, a nineteenth century country mansion situated in rolling countryside, and it was great fun. It was only after we had returned home to London that we discovered the Hall's more macabre history:

'A number of ghosts have been spotted around the hotel; the most famous being the "blue boy" who at midnight has been spotted around the hall crying out and moaning in agony or maybe fear. The noises could be traced to a spot near a passage cut through a ten foot wall. When the bloodcurdling wails die away a soft halo of light appears around an old four poster bed. Anyone sleeping there (room 14), even today, can see the figure of a young boy dressed in blue, and surrounded by light. Behind the wall the bones of a young boy and fragments of blue clothing were discovered.

Another ghost, Mary, the wife of Philip de Ulcote, searches for her husband, who ran off with her sister. She appears desolate and broken hearted living in the castle by herself with only her baby girl as a companion. The rustle of her dress can be heard as she passes you by in the turret stairs.' [source]
Whether or not Wikipedia is to be trusted is another matter.


  1. I love your hair! It is a dream!

  2. You look so elegant! Gorgeous!

  3. your outfit is absolutely perfect for a day spent wandering around a castle. (did you see any ghosts?)hope you had fun at the wedding!

  4. Beautiful! You look so graceful and elegant in that outfit. The surroundings look magical!

  5. I would love to go there :) You look exquisite, so classy and pretty - adorable! I love the shades of green x

  6. What a stunning place! And you look beautiful! Your hair is perfect too, wish I had the patience to do that! :) xxx

  7. Oh what a beautiful place for a wedding! I would very much love to explore the grounds and keep an eye out for anything mysterious. Your outfit is lovely (especially those gloves) and the curls in your hair look beautiful.

  8. Wonderful photos - and outfit, and I adore the ghost story (although it sounds really horrible). Every big old house needs a ghost, or two!

  9. Just found your blog. You look wonderful. Look forward to reading more ... M x

  10. i love your site!
    hope you'll like my new site too :)

  11. That looks like such a beautiful place... And you look lovely, like from another decade!

  12. I love that headband. The stories of the hall sound like they'd make great movies, especially the woman with the runaway husband!