Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Ray


Ray-Ban Advert, June 1961 Source.

Remember the days when Ray Ban sunglasses cost $4.95? Nope, me neither but musn't they have been wonderful?! As London basked in temperatures of thirty degrees today and with a four-week holiday of a lifetime looming, my thoughts turned to sunglasses. And as vintage adverts generally tend to outdo modern ones, I couldn't help but share these fantastic images with you all.


'Look alive! Look lively!'. What a slogan. Don't risk forgetting your sunglasses and looking like an inanimate corpse.


Imagine encountering a stand of cheapy sunglasses in your local chemist/garage that looked THAT good. (I wish cat eye styles suited me...)


Endearing 'his and hers' style from Polaroid there on the right.

blinker These 'blinkers' look just as avant garde today as many modern styles. Source.


I wonder if these ever took off?

As much as I love vintage frames myself, after losing a beloved pair of 1940s tortoiseshell sunglasses  in the sea in Spain two years ago I have learnt the value of packing a couple of pairs of cheap glasses from the High Street and leaving the irreplaceable ones at home. I have always been tempted to invest in a pair of classic Ray Ban wayfarers but after I encountered the RETROSUPERFUTURE Lucia style I was smitten and splashed out on my first pair of designer sunglasses. (Or, Jian Wei splashed out and I paid him back in carefully managed instalments...) If I were to bite the bullet however, SmartBuyGlasses have up to 40% off the RRP, free postage and 100 day return policy and therefore offer the thriftiest option to a poor student like myself!
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  1. such a lovely post - I really like cat-eye sunglasses but not sure if they suit me either! X x

  2. I found a gorgeous pair of vintage cat-eye sunglasses at a jumble sale for 50p and was heartbroken when I left them at a motorway services by accident. There were almost tears!

    Cannot get over how much I LOVE the wording of these adverts 'You look so much better in Fosta Grantly sunglasses!'

    Jem xXx

  3. This is such a cool glasses shape!

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  4. I love to see vintage ads. Those sunglasses are awesome. I could never pull it off, but I love to see photos from the 50's with everyone looking so damn cool !!