Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This week in Instagram

So, I've recently acquired an iPhone and am now hopelessly addicted to Instagram! Here's a little of what I've been snapping this week. My username is humanseavintage.
  tenth from last

Dear little Freddle curled up having a nap and some of my recent vintage postcard finds from the car boot. (10p each! I should have and could have bought many, many more...)

ninth from last

A beautiful 1930s portrait I found for 10p at the car boot and my dressing table after I blitzed it and pinned a few vintage postcards around it.
  eighth from last

A peach coloured vintage summer knit from a local charity shop. It's probably from the early 1960s and I just love the font St. Michael were using at that time! The button loops need a little reinforcing but at £2.99 I
don't mind tinkering with it to bring it up to scratch.

seventh from last  

The first sweetpeas from the garden next to a photo of my mum as a little girl (adorable). The bow is a charity shop find, it was £1 but it might be from Primark originally? Still, I can't get enough of these bows at the moment.

sixth from last

My beautiful new 1960s shoes from Beyond Retro. They were only £16 and a perfect fit and the navy colour has got to come in handy. How gorgeous is the font and brand name? Will I become a socialite when I wear them?

fifth from last 

The view of the London skyline from Peckham and a 1960s cook book my mum surprised me with in the post. It seems the roles illustrated on the front cover are very much reversed in this household however and Jian Wei always has my dinner on the table when I get in from work!
  fourth from last

The print on a pretty 1950s dress I treated myself to at Portobello Market on Saturday. It has a full circle skirt and is made from a lovely gauzy cotton; at £15 it was criminally underpriced and so I had no choice but to take it...

third from last

Fred sleeps in the funniest of positions. Oeuf mollet and 'muffin bread' for breakfast on one of my favourite 1950s plates I found at a recent car boot sale.

second from last

The first raspberries on our ramshackle crop are starting to appear. I took my French work colleague and friend Fanne charity shopping in some of my local haunts today and the best thing I found was this American Apparel hair bow complete with original tags. Seeing as the bows retail at £12 I was thrilled to see this one marked 99p! I love the aqua blue colour, I think it will look great paired with the colour coral.

hybrid last

I also bought this wool English school scarf which has a different design on each side and is much longer, and therefore practical, than my own old school scarf. It certainly needs a dry clean however as it has a few stains and smells very off. The sailorette blouse to the right was also a steal at £1 and was snatched from the kid's rail at the last minute.

Is it just me or are more and more 'independent' charity shops popping up all over the place? Ones with no ostensible connection to a charity with suspect names like 'Charity Shop for Children' and 'The Families' Relief'? Although they are cheaper than the more ubiquitous high street charity shops such as Oxfam, they seem to have exceptionally low standards of hygiene and the clothes almost crawl in your hands. Perhaps I've just got used to the high standards of visual merchandising, customer service and stock organisation in all the established charity shops and, when all's taken into account, would rather spend 50p more for an item that is clean and crease-free and on a clearly designated rail than spend 50p less and peel a visibly rancid garment from the base of a child's cot in a foul-smelling and poorly-lit 'shop' that leaves me coughing and my skin itching. Hmm... It'd be be nice to know where the money ends up too!

My username on Instagram is humanseavintage. Follow me for more charity shop and car boot finds, endless shots of Fred being comical and London adventures!


  1. Such lovely photos, my favourites are the London skyline and the jar with the flowers in.

    xo Natasha

  2. Too much amazing post! I am really impressed to get this article. I enjoyed every product. All products are gorgeous. Thanks mate keep it up.

  3. great post dulcie, I love the pictures of fred they are so adorable! Your vintage postcards are lovely too x x

  4. The scarf with two sides might well be a University of London one? My
    sister went to Goldsmiths and her university scarf is Goldsmiths College
    colours on one side and University of London on the other.

  5. What a lot of good finds! Particularly like the vintage photo and the Socialites shoes. Some vintage brands had such whimsical names didn't they?