Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Exciting news!


I have some exciting news and some impending changes to my current life here in London.

On August 23rd Jian Wei and I, accompanied by his sister Mei Sim for the first half of the trip, will be flying to Malaysia for a four week holiday/sabbatical. Jian Wei's father is from Kuala Lumpur and so we are lucky enough to be able to stay with his granddad and use his 1960s villa as a base from which we can explore Malaysia and take a trip to Singapore. Top on my destination list is the Perhentian Islands of which I have heard and read so much about; they are described as paradise and the pictures confirm it! Any travel tips would be greatly appreciated, especially of places to visit in and around KL as this is where we will be stationed for the majority of our trip.

In order to be able to travel for four weeks I have quit my job at L.K Bennett and so will be looking for a new job come late September. I have been part of an international team of extremely talented, charismatic and wholly eccentric ladies and I am sure I will stay in touch with many of them. On the flip side, I doubt I will miss working in heels and the 5am starts quite as much...

The final change is that upon our return, Jian Wei and I will be looking for a new place to live in London. Although we have been very happy in the spacious West London home that used to belong to my late uncle, the location has become an increasing source of discontent for us. Although we have as much room as we could possibly need, we've discovered that this is actually a mixed blessing and it is really quite hard keeping such a large house house in an inhabitable condition with the hours we work. The garden has also materialised to be a mammoth task despite our initial naive enthusiasm and best intentions. In addition to this, we live a good hour-and-a-quarter outside of central London and the commute has just become too much and socialising is very difficult. So, upon our return we will be flat-hunting with zeal in the South-East of London and preparing for a very important move closer to the urban living we 'dream' of, closer to our friends and work places and cycling/walking distance from the places we enjoy on days off. If anyone knows of a one to two bedroom unfurnished flat (not a studio) that will be vacant from October and less than £850 a month, please get in touch!

Wish us luck...


  1. Excited for all your new beginnings! I cannot wait for Malaysia now seeing your paradise photo's - my smile is as wide as that beach hehe!

  2. Sounds like a lot of big and exciting changes. Good luck! I can't wait to see all of your travel and new flat pictures!

  3. Ahh so exciting! So much change! I can't wait to see the photos of your trip! <3 xx

  4. I'm so jealous Dulcie!! But in a good way and happy for you! :)
    My dream is to go to Cambodia one day and visit Angkor Wat, but I'll have to wait a bit more for that.. I'm sure your feet will thank you for not wearing heels 8 hours a day!xxx

  5. Exciting changes indeed! I left my job once to also travel, and I never regretted it. I'm sure you'll have many more enriching experiences on your future travels x

  6. Good luck Dulcie! So excited for you, you have so many amazing adventures coming your way. xxx

  7. Oh this sounds like such an exciting adventure, I hope you have such a great time.

    Jo. x

  8. sounds like youre in for lots of adventure!