Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Days off


Cardigan: L.K Bennett
Vintage 1960s Peter Pan collared top: Mr Ryan's Second Hand Shop (Manchester)
Vintage 1960s skirt: Female Hysteria Vintage
Vintage 1960s shoes: Beyond Retro (London)
Vintage 1960s bag: charity shop in King's Lynn
Scottie dog brooch: handmade and hand painted by my father and me!

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I am in love with my beautiful new 1960s shoes! They make me so happy!

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On Monday I had a wonderful day off sandwiched in the middle of eight shifts at work. I was determined to get out and about and so Jian Wei and I set off to the British Museum to see the Vollard Suite Picasso prints. The weather was grey and spitting at best and so we scurried through the rain to the shelter of The Breakfast Club in Soho to enjoy a pile of pancakes slathered in vanilla cream, sprinkled with fresh red berries, dusted in icing sugar and doused in maple syrup. For someone with a tooth as syrupy and saccharine as my own, this lunchtime treat is an incomparable heaven - after all, my name even means 'sweet'. After refuelling we took a bus to St. Paul's from whence we walked to the Tate and wandered around the Edvard Munch exhibition. We then strolled down the South Bank in the drizzle and 'made the best of it' in the uniquely British way.

I really liked my outfit for this day out, I felt as though it really represents my current tastes and style and I intend to use it to help me reduce my wardrobe by two-thirds. The plan for my next day off will no doubt include eBay listing!


  1. Your outfits are always so flawless, I can't deal!

  2. Dulcie, you look just lovely xx

  3. What a lovely outfit! I love the cardigan especially, and the color! I was just in London and the weather was such a downer. Making the best of it is definitely a must :)

  4. this outfit is perfect. the colors. everything. i'm in love.

  5. You look amazing! I love the simplicity.

  6. This outfit is such a lovely retro look. Love your cardigan and brooch :)

    Jo. x

  7. That really does sound like the perfect day out in London coupled with the perfect outfit too!

  8. I love that brooch, it's adorable!!

  9. Ohhh Dulcie you look perfect! You always seem to have such a natural way with clothes. Your day off sounds pretty terrific too O_O i am most envious the Tate is on your doorstep :(

    Did you rag your hair by any chance? Hehe the curls are perfect! I love ragging but it makes my hair frizz up sometimes >_< but then again as soon as my hair even senses rain it becomes an afro! I hope your work/studies are going well :D xxx

  10. I wish I was this well turned out when going on days out in London. Also pretty impressed with the brooch, is it made of wood? Also so there with the shoes, the right pair can just bring you some joy.

  11. So beautiful Dulcie! Yay, i love the shoes and so happy you had a good Beyond Retro shopping experience. Excited to see you tomorrow. xx

  12. love!

  13. beautiful outfit Dulcie, those pancakes sound delicious! I love your cardigan and collar combination so pretty and delicate :) I cant wait for more fun in London on Wednesday! X x

  14. you have perfect style!! I'm so glad I came across your blog, definite follow!

    www.wehaveobsessions.blogspot.com xx

  15. I love your outfit, ESPECIALLY that little pin!! You are too cute!!