Sunday, 24 June 2012

'Upcycled' glass fruit necklace

Fruit necklace

I've been rather obsessed with vintage fruit imagery and 1940/1950s glass bead necklaces of late and so was absolutely thrilled when my mum surprised me with the perfect blend of the two. She found this beautiful necklace in my Etsy favourites and sent it to me as a little treat in the post.

Usually the term 'upcycled' makes me shudder as I feel it often involves destroying perfectly pleasant items and crafting them into something hideous but this necklace, which incorporates a variety of vintage glass fruit beads with a new sterling silver chain, is a perfect example of how it can be successfully achieved. I love the idea of the stray beads being collected together and lovingly crafted into something to enjoy well into the future. And I just love how kitschy and summery it is. Thank you mum!

Fruit necklace 001 Untitled Fruit necklace

I can't really get over just how adorable these tiny bunches of grapes are! They even have a tiny leaf attachment!
  Fruit necklace Fruit necklace


  1. It's so cute!! So sweet of you mum to give you this surprise :)

  2. beautiful dulcie! I cant wait to see it included in many of your outfits!

  3. Oh it's so gorgeous, what a lovely unexpected gift.

  4. How nice of your mum (and cunning going into the favourites too!) I like the grapes the best and have similar apprehensions towards up-cycled but maybe I should revisit that.

  5. aaaahhh! I love fruit jewelry. I want to figure out how to make fruit hats. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it took me a minute to find yours :P

  6. Awww what a lovely Mum you have there. It's lovely, excited to see you wearing it. xx

  7. awww love this, what a lovely gift :)
    Jo. x