Friday, 18 May 2012

Recent aquisitions

Here are some things that have recently entered my life...

L.K Bennett 'Becca' shoe

New work (and play) shoes from L.K Bennett.


My first ever copy of Lula magazine. It may be a ubiquitous blogger cliche but it was Jian Wei who decided I needed a copy and he surprised me with it after work on Monday. It is indeed a lovely publication and benefits from the editorial decision to leave out banal features on botox, celebrity breakdowns and vitriolic fat/thin shaming which tarnishes most mainstream fashion magazines.

Carnegie 1940s dress New 1940s dress

A beautiful 1940s crepe dress I treated myself to at Past Caring in Holt, Norfolk. It was a bit of a spend but worth it for the mint condition and gorgeous colour and print. I plan to save it for the private view of Jian Wei's fine art degree show at Central Saint Martins. Past caring is such a wonderful little vintage shop in one of my favourite day trips in my home county, I would have bought a lot more if my wallet had allowed.

1950s girdle

A 1950s/1960s peach girdle in mint condition from a new charity shop I recently discovered by mistake in one of my local stamping grounds. Unfortunately it isn't my size and so it shall be making its way into the shop shortly. And the quest for one in my size shall continue...

1950s fruit hat

Another treat for me from Etsy, a 1950s fruit and green velvet hat. I have been a bit obsessed with vintage fruit recently and a glass fruit necklace is on my wishlist too.


A pretty 1960s beaded evening bag I found for £3.99 in a charity shop.

1950s scales 1950s scales

Pink 1950s Salter scales I found for £3 in a charity shop. They were a bit grubby to begin with but cleaned up really well revealing an even prettier shade of pink beneath the grime. I particularly like the big glass dome which magnifies the numbers.


  1. Aw, these are all so great! I definitely concede that your scales are better than my scales. The pink is so pretty, and there is something sublimely satisfying about cleaning up opshopped finds and having them looking better than new. Also that fruit hat is wonderful! I am obsessing over hats recently but it's so hard to find ones to fit my huge, amorphous noggin.

    Also what size is the girdle?! It is so gorgeous, and if it would fit me (27-28 inch waist, fingers crossed) I am so keen on it!

  2. What a gorgeous collection of things. The pattern and colour of your 40s dress are perfect. And I never thought I'd find myself swooning over a set of scales but I've just seen yours and apparently I am!

  3. Lovely purchases! I especially love the shoes and the candy colored scale!

  4. I do enjoy seeing others vintage finds; the dress is beautiful and well worth the splurge. I do like the scalesI tend to overlook home-wares because of living in a rented flat. And I must agree with Frances, that who knew a set of scales could be so pretty and well designed. Enjoy Lula.

  5. those shoes are adorable! I love the bows and the pointed toe :)

  6. Great finds :) the fruits look so appetizing!

  7. oh i love this set of photos! I am jealous! especially of that Lula mag. I have yet to actually own one ): Could you take a few photos of the insides? :) x

  8. That dress is so beautiful, I'm smitten! And I happen to own the very same fruit fascinator... first time I've seen another one floating around out there in the world, love that we're twinsies! xo

  9. All of these items are gorgeous but for some reason those pink scales have me smitten...they may even make weighing oneself an enjoyable experience :) Have yet to purchase a copy of Lula but it certainly seems to be one of the three must-have blogger trademarks..alongside adorable cats and pictures featuring train tracks :)

  10. lovely finds! especially the scales haha! xo

  11. i just found your blog, i'm a huge fan! i found a 1950s pink scale last month!