Sunday, 13 May 2012

Autumn in May


We've had the most appalling weather in the UK for the last two-and-a-half weeks. As soon as it was announced that we were officially in drought and a hosepipe ban was launced, the skies turned slate grey and it rained pretty much continuously until yesterday. Today, however, I awoke early to glorious sunshine and blue skies so maybe things are about to take a turn for the better? It is without a doubt Lawnmowing Weather, even if just for a day.

When I took these pictures it was an bitterly cold day for May and it felt more like October, hence the Autumnal-hued outfit choice. The shift dress is a recent charity shop win, it is Kors by Michael Kors and made from 100% wool so I didn't hesitate once I saw it was only a pound. It is the sort of dress I've been looking for, slightly modish in style for layering with an assortment of shirts and blouses. Really I was after a black one but I shouldn't complain too much. Brown is good too, especially with a cream silk blouse. This blouse was also thrifted for about two pounds in The Dead Shop in Manchester, the tights were a Christmas present from Jian Wei from Topshop, the sixties/seventies pea coat I bought years ago for a fiver in a charity shop and continually wear to death. I probably should invest some pennies into getting it professionally relined soon...


As you can see, the endless rain has transformed the already unkempt garden into a jungle. There are so many wildflowers such as bluebells and forget-me-nots growing amongst the grass it seems a shame to cut it.

Untitled Untitled

Kors by Michael Kors dress: charity shop
Sixties/seventies rust jacket: charity shop
Silk blouse: charity shop
Copper tights: Topshop
Cream Mary Janes (just seen): New Look
Vintage butterfly brooch: gift from younger sisters
Headband: American Apparel

Photos by Jian Wei


  1. Love your outfit and your hair looks AMAZING! Did you rag curl it? X

  2. So pretty! So is your garden, definitely don't cut the wild flowers. If you have to atleast you can fill your home with vases upon vases of beauty. That dress is such a great find, and I love the colours in this outfit. Gorgeous. xx

  3. I know, the weather has totally confused me, never know what to wear these days. I like autumnal colours all year round. I have tights this colour and I wear them all the time. The coat is such a great colour and shape. Can't believe you've found that dress in a charity shop for only £1!

  4. I love the fact your coat matched your tights! You look gorgeous!

  5. You look beautiful Dulcie! You have such a timeless beauty too, you look like one of the babes from yesteryears <3

    Moving on from my slighty creepy comment O_O! I cannot believe that is your garden! How did you manage to find such a gorgeous old house with a garden in London?!

    You and your boyfriend have such a magical life <3 xxxxxxxx

  6. It goes without saying that you look fabulous and your outfit is total 60's schoolgirl perfection. The colour editing in these is UNBELIEVABLE. Almost reminds me of old B&W prints that are then handcoloured. Do you mind me asking how you achieved it? So loving it. So hard.