Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Glad rags

On Monday I headed out into the sunshine for an afternoon of trawling through my local charity shops. And what a full net I returned with! I don't think I've ever had quite so much luck in one day before. Here are just some of my finds...

A real snakeskin bag for £9.99 tucked away in the glass cabinet below the till. My mum doesn't approve of it so I'll have to list it for sale in the shop although surrendering it will be difficult as it's buttery soft and the colours are so subtle and nuanced.

A pretty lacey buttercream sixties' nightie for £2.99.

The leather Gods must have been smiling on me as I found three bags and the perfect belt in a space of minutes.

But the pièce de résistance is doubtless the only 1950s dress I have ever encountered in a charity shop, a 1950s dress that just happens to fit me like it was tailored to my measurements.

I found it hanging up among some traditional Indian clothing in a charity shop I've never had much luck in. As soon as I spotted it I knew I would buy it, regardless of the broken strap, tatty muslin lining hanging out and suspicious looking orange stain. For £12 I didn't have to think twice and after soaking it in a bath of oxyclean and cutting out the tatty muslin lining, I slipped it on and so began a love affair. I have no idea when I am going to have an opportunity to wear such a dress but it is definitely one for keeping.

Now I just need all your help to decide what I should keep! (Although the dress is a no-brainer.)

At the weekend Jian Wei's mum and sister came to stay and we got masses done in the garden including planting some pretties by the front door. Spring is demonstrably here!


  1. Wow, that dress is just stunning! What amazing finds, I'm so jealous! And you don't need an occasion to wear that dress - it's so pretty you should wear it whenever you feel like it, even to Tescos!

    Cat xxx

  2. Such wonderful treasures you found! I'm in love the buttercream 60's nightie, and that 50's dress is perfection! You are so lucky to have found it and have it fit you like it was tailored to you - it must have been a little gift from above!

    Lucy x

  3. That nightie and dress are so pretty! Love them!

  4. You should keep it all! They are all such wonderful pieces! How did you get so lucky?!

  5. That was one amazing charity shop trip, such amazing stuff! Love the dress its so beautiful and I love the 50's neckline. Cant believe the prices of the dress and nightie! The nightie, dress and snake skin bag for keeps. The flowers are looking great, glad they blossomed after all our hard work.

    Maisy x

  6. That little brown leather bag looks so cute! And the nightie is very pretty. Keep it all!!!haha xx

  7. holy moly that dress is beyond beautiful! What a find! Also, that 60s nightie is pretty sweet as well :)

  8. wow. What a sucessful charity shopping trip you had :) I love the leather backpack and the dress :) lovely. xx

  9. this dress is sooo awesome :)
    I really love your blog!


  10. You should get married in that dress! (If you're not married already that is!) xx

  11. Oh my! That dress, that is literally a dream find. You look so beautiful in it and how perfect you look next to your green house. I am so happy that Kerry introduced us as I am a little in love with your blog. Very excited to meet you. xx

  12. That dress fits beautifully in my dream wedding, which will be taking place in December. So I have to ask: what size is it? And what would I need to pay for you to part with it? Because I think it is absolutely adorable.

  13. GUH at that dress - absolutely gorgeous! Meanwhile, I think the 60s nightie is heavenly as well *_* You definitely got a wonderful haul :D

  14. Wow, that is a seriously gorgeous dress! I especially love it against the backdrop of the greenhouse- -perfection!

  15. I've seen this picture of you in the lace dress like everywhere on Tumblr, so lovely.

    Love the bags

    See U !