Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Part II : Singapore

The second part of our trip involved us taking an overnight train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore where we spent three days exploring this unique city-island-state, a very different place to the one I had imagined. I was delighted to find that my previously held misconceptions of an eerily clean and regimented distopia were unfounded and that the city is richly colourful and vibrant, embracing several cultures along with its colonial history in a way that Malaysia doesn't appear to.

Jian Wei and I spent hours wandering around the cool colonial decadence of Raffles Hotel. With its chic bars, secluded palm gardens, rooftop swimming pool and delicate murals it is easy to visualise Somerset Maugham and Ernest Hemingway sipping Singapore Slings at the height of the hotel's chic 1920s heyday. How I would love to be able to spend just one night in this magical place...


  1. i was so impatient to see your singapore pictures! im not disappointed, theyre amazing! im going there next easter and im actually excited now (i was scared there would only be scary skyscrapers)

  2. this place looks magical, your post is beautiful, a real feast for the eyes... thank you very much for sharing this, i REALLY enjoyed looking through!

  3. Great photos Dulcie seems so long ago we were there x x

  4. Hey Dulcie,

    It was great to chat all things representation this afternoon. Just wanted to say that your photographs are exquisite and I love the styling of your blog!

  5. hey dulcie,

    i chanced upon your blog googling halls in manchester cause i'm headed there this fall. as a singaporean, i'm glad to hear that you enjoy my country as much as i do. it really is misrepresented globally.

    love your blog, you just got yourself a loyal reader :)