Monday, 26 September 2011

Part I : Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

I've finally got round to uploading my holiday photos. The above pictures were all taken at Jian Wei's grandparents' home in central(ish) Kuala Lumpur. The house was built in the sixties/seventies' and was cool and spacious, full to the ceiling with midcentury furniture and Chinese antiques, and situated in a lush garden of banana leaf and cheese plants. At night time we could see the glittering Petronas Towers from our bedroom window and in the morning hear chanting from the nearby mosque.

Jian Wei's grandparents were absolutely adorable and so hospitable and every morning introduced us to a new local fruit; ranging from mangosteen to rambutan to durian: the King of Fruit. We could get up whenever we fancied and saunter downstairs to find everyone reading leisurely, sprawled out on the large assortment of chairs (there were at least twelve in the room), beneath the rotating fans on the ceiling. Breakfast would consist of roti carnai, pancakes with curry, or toast. All washed down a mug of Nescafe made from a three-in-one packet as the idea of milk seems anathema to Malays.

I had the most wonderful time here and Ah Ma and Ah Kong were so kind to me, it felt such an honour to explore their lovely house and to be taken under their wing.

A lot of durian. A fruit with the texture and taste of melting blue cheese and the proclaimed 'king of the fruit'.

Kuala Lumpur itself is a chaotic, noisy and verdant city with plenty of charm and palm trees, crumbling colonial architecture and a inner city monorail. Beneath the shimmering skyline are densely populated China Towns, Little Indias and Malay markets where food is evidently the catalyst for every form of social activity. The food halls and street vendors sell a variety of fusion cuisine and odd confectionary (blue sponge cake anyone?) and you can buy everything from a fake Chanel handbag to a locally produced batik dress. I was very tempted by the impossible quality of the Chanel 2.55s...

The next installment of this photographic series will be of Singapore. All photographs taken by myself using Pentax MZ-M.


  1. Fantastic photos dulcie, love the effect the film camera has, especially on the patronas towers my digital pic looks far too crisp and perfect! Glad you had a great time - makes me want to go back and chill with Ah Kong on the large red sofa/seat...

    Barcelona pics to come x x

  2. Wonderful! <3 KL is one of my favourite cities! It was so nice to revisit it through your photographs!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. Such heart warming and just PERFECT photos Emerson - makes me so nostalgic for that side of the world! X