Monday, 9 May 2011

Recent acquisitions

Thrifty 037

Pretty little vintage Mary Janes that will be trotting into the shop shortly.

Thrifty 015

I bought this Liberty print peter pan collared top in a hurry and changed my mind when I got home. I thought I'd pass on the discount and so if it takes your fancy I'm offering it at £20 (plus £1.50 postage UK or £3.50 international) whereas in store it would cost £34. It's brand new with tags attached and is a UK size 8. It's from Topshop and you can see all the details here as it's current stock. Although it's from the petite range I didn't really notice any difference from the standard sizing and it has a 36" bust and measures 23" from top to bottom. If you're interested send me an email and we'll arrange paypal payment.

I'd been hoping to obtain a couple of straw/crochet bags for the summer and miraculously two came along at once. As they're both from Oxfam, my wallet is smiling and I just love the fact I have a choice between 'colourful' and 'neutral'. I think the one on the right will be just perfect with outfits involving bretons and navy whereas the one on the left is more suited to seventies looks. I actually have an outfit post on the way involving it, I just need to find a reason to trek into town and get the film developed...

hybrid 2

Penguin Classics are always a joy to own especially when they have funny phallic sci-fi illustrations on the front and the espadrilles are my new perfect sandals! I got them as part of my new season's work uniform for Topshop and I think they're a rather sensible investment piece. They're incredibly comfortable, the perfect mix of a sandal with just a pinch of height and I love the simplicity of the leather and straw. (Although I'm not sure if 'straw' is the correct technical term?)

Jian Wei went back to London this weekend and it's just been dawning on us that this might be his last visit to Manchester to visit me as a student! A rather alien thought to come to terms with after three years of to-ing and fro-ing and certainly bittersweet. I have plenty of revision to keep me busy until my finals (on the 31st of May and 8th June) but I'm also itching to 'get started' on our new home in London. But this evening I'm reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, for the final seminar of my degree tomorrow, and making roast Mediterranean vegetable pasta with goat's cheese. Nom.


  1. I would love your Topshop blouse but I'm skint! I hope it goes to a good home...

    Love those red Mary Janes too!

  2. the bags are amazing. i've been looking for some slinky summer ones for ages too!

  3. I love the red shoes, but I have gigantic feet so they are probably too small on me.

    also, my birthday is june 8th and I'm wishing you good luck on your exam, so you're sure to do well.

  4. love the red mary-janes. i had a pair just like them, but wore them until they fell apart, and no can't find anything to replace them.

  5. Love both pairs of shoes, Chicago is finally getting a Topshop! I'm so excited to browse there in the coming months.

  6. Those mary janes are amazing, I hope they're my size! I envy your find of crocheted bags too, I long for one but am yet to stumble across a single one in a second hands shop. Gutted!

  7. Day of the triffords is such a good book. I'm leaving Manchester soon too O_O! It feels so strange.

    I hope the North treated you well! x

  8. I love them little red mary janes they have a 'The Red Shoes' feel about them from the images I have seen ( I am still yet to watch the movie). I hope you give a little book review on day of thetriffids it has always sounded interesting but i have never got to picking the book up I'd love to know what you think of it.

  9. i really want those sandals! are there any left in the arndale? I've been hoping they go into sale x