Thursday, 12 May 2011


Some sneak peeps at our new house in London, all photos taken by Jian Wei.

My late uncle was immensely green fingered and so his house is full of plants and, to my adult delight, wonderful examples of midcentury design just everywhere! From the cork tiles on the walls to space age legs on furniture, the house is a veritably untouched sixties time capsule. I cannot wait to move in and I'm also getting concerned that it might be a house full of dead plants if I don't go down to London soon and give them a drink. Once I've found if work have granted me the holiday I requested, I'm planning on spending a little over a week there as an internet-free study retreat.


  1. I love, love all the potted plants around the house!

  2. I love these photos - reminds me of my friend Helen who loves plants!

  3. i love these pics and oyur blog is really cute!

  4. pretty plants! i've had a quick peek at your blog and can't wait to see more. love, newest follower

  5. Really amazing green plants - what a beautiful oasis in the middle of London. And the midcentury furnitures are to die for. The apartment looks like it's been frozen in space, I hope you are enjoying your week there!