Monday, 14 March 2011

Nervous Side Glancer

sideglancer 4

two sideglancers

Late night Etsy trawling can result in some surprising purchases.

I've never been a fan of stuffed toys or teddy bears but when I stumbled across this strange 1930s/40s goblin-like elf baby, I was strangely endeared. Is it something about the Mabel Lucie Attwell style toddler face or the pointy hood that gets me? I'm not sure if I can put my finger on it but I do think it's adorable in a really creepy-but-cool kind of way and I've certainly never seen anything like it before.

In the description I was advised to check out the other listing as she apparently 'likes to travel with friends'. I did ... and didn't really take a fancy to either the faceless Amish doll or the painted plank of wood - I simply had to get the Nervous Side Glancer out of there. (Although if they are your cup of tea nip over to Poco's Playhouse.) And at ten quid, I'm sure it'll make any interesting bedroom feature. Although she is quite sinister. And painfully cute.


What do you think? Have I lost the plot?

1 comment:

  1. i love her! i would of bought her too had i spotted her first. kinda creepy, yes. but oh so endearing.

    ..maybe we both have lost the plot.

    ..actually my house is no stranger to old sinister/cutesy toys and things.