Monday, 14 February 2011

Of a grey silent world.


Tweed trench // Topshop
Blouse // Vintage from charity shop
Velveteen skirt // Vintage from charity shop
Tights // Primark
Ballet pumps // Topshop

On Wednesday I returned home to Norfolk to attend a trial in which I was a witness. Luckily, as all three witnesses turned up, the defendent changed his plea to 'not guilty' and so was charged without us having to enter the courtroom. I can now walk the streets of my home town without fear of reprisal!

Whilst back, I took the opportunity to rampage through the ever-bountiful charity shops that, pretty much, outnumber high street stores and which, as per usual, didn't fail to provide. This blouse was originally intended to make its way into the shop but, after trying it on, decided that it was truly mine. It was a little pricey, ha! at £2.45 but this was because it included a skirt, which, as I instantly knew I'd never be able to wear or sell, I donated back to them. This particular charity shop had a sale on and so many items were a pound that I temporarily lost the plot but, in the end, whittled my purchases down to about five items including a cream silk blouse for 99p (!!), a lovely wool blazer for the shop and a periwinkle blue rayon blouse with exactly the same shaped Peter Pan collar they sell at American Apparel. This will also be heading to the shop with a medley of other blue toned items I desperately need to get photographed and listed. The other charity shops also yielded and I shall photograph my other purchases once I've got my MA applications finalised. I feel slightly overwhelmed at the moment with how much I have to get done...

I spent from Thursday to Sunday in London with Jian Wei and he bought me Vivienne Westwood perfume as a surprise for Valentine's day. Feeling really guilty I treated him to a cotton sweater in Cos, a fantastic store I'm currently raving about. I'm sure I'll dedicate an entire post to it some point soon, don't get me started on the chambray dungarees they do. They're adorable. We spent most of the time being lazy, occasionally milling about Regent Street and Liberty and eating aubergine flatbreads at Flat Planet which has amazing sixties decor. I wish my life could be this nice all the time.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. I appreciate all my readers so much and think everyone should spend the day doing something indulgent. xx


  1. Wow, your outfit is so perfect and ties in so well with the background I immediately thought it was a Topshop advertising feature! Completely agree about charity shops - they are the best places to buy clothes as I think you've made pretty obvious in this post! Your blouse is so pretty and I like the grey trench in the second photo - warm and practical but it goes brilliantly with the rest of the outfit!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. What a lovely outfit! I had a charity shop rampage over the weekend and had some good finds. Still haven't been to Cos, I'm a bit scared I'd spend loads of money...

  3. Your outfit is just so lovely! Especially love the shirt and your plaited hair :D

  4. love the whole thing! that collar is perfect! and the skirt is a great color and shape.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest outfit ever! You have the loveliest style and I'm so envious of your great charity shop finds!