Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow in Manchester

The UK has recently had the earliest snowfall since the start of the nineties and Manchester has certainly had its fair share. Although it's a challenge to find a true winter wonderland in the midst of the concrete metropolis, I tried to capture the magic as best I could among the wheelie bins and chainlink fencing.

'Walking in a winter wonderland...'

This is my neighbourhood. It's just like Coronation Street except populated by students instead of hardened Mancunions, though actually I do live with one: Lizzie. You can also see the Polish shop on the right, despite its proximity I never really seem to pop by. I feel as though you have to have a very clear idea of what to buy and a firm, visible sense of intent otherwise you just look very silly as all the labels are in Polish and they instantly ask you exactly what you're after as soon as you set foot through the door.

And here's my extremely gothic looking university in the midst of a snow storm...
I won't be betting any money on the chance of a white Christmas, however.

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