Sunday, 21 November 2010

Green Velvet

Velvet Hair Bow: Charity Shop
Cream Silk Blouse: Second Hand Shop
Black Velvet Ribbon: eBay
Red Dress: Boutique in China
Cream Tights: Primark
Brown Leather Booties: Cow Vintage
Gloves and Scarf: Accessorize
Coat: Charity Shop

I'm not a big fan of winter dressing at all but, because Jian Wei was here this weekend and was willing to weild a camera, I managed to capture this outfit which summarises the whole season for me. The velvet bow was originally a bow tie I bought, along with a navy one and a burnt orange one, at a closing down charity shop for 99p each. I ordered some barettes from eBay and the rest is history, so they say. I bought the boots yesterday from Cow, they were £22 and unfortunately one of the furry trimmings is balding in places but they fit me perfectly and I fell in love with them madly and truly.


  1. that velvet bow is the perfect addition to this outfit, you look cute as pie <3

  2. Oh- i love the whole outfit, the green bow and the red dress make you look very christmass-y (in a good way) x

  3. I can't find your email to email you about the bookshop thing?! :( Basically, email me some info on the bookshop (what its like, why you like it, what events etc they have) along with a link to their website and your blog. Photos are a plus but not required! :) I'd love to feature some manchester places!