Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tap Short

  1. Grey cardigan: Uniqlo
  2. Vintage 1960s blouse: Mr Ryan's World Famous Second Hand Shop
  3. Black denim shorts: American Apparel
  4. Cream woolly tights: Primark
  5. Black leather loafers: Charity Shop in Cambridge

Some new acquisitions from my weekend in London, being there always makes me feel frivolous with my money and so I bought myself this great chunky cardigan from the men's section of Uniqlo and the shorts from AA. They're a really great fit, not too clingy and sexual as I initially feared before plucking up the courage to try them on. Sorry for the dreadful lighting in the pictures, they were taken spontaneously at the beginning of the long and emotionally wraught journey back to the train station. Sob.

Also, I don't know if you can tell but I dyed my formerly virginal hair an even darker shade of brown. Actually, it was Jian Wei who donned the plastic gloves, at the expense of his new cream chinos, and he did a fantastic job of it. I've just got to get used to being a little more pale and witchy now.

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