Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Good Morning, Midnight

The curtains are thin, and when they are drawn the light comes through softly. There are flowers on the window-sill and I can see their shadows on the curtains. The child downstairs is screaming.

There is a wind, and the flowers on the window-sill, and their shadows on the curtains, are waving. Like swans dipping their beaks in water. Like the incalculable raising its head, uselessly and wildly, for one moment before it sinks down, beaten, into the darkness. Like skulls on long, thin necks. Plunging wildly when the wind blows, to the end of the curtain, which is their nothingness. Distorting themselves as they plunge.

The musty smell, the bugs, the loneliness, this room which is part of the street outside - this is all I want from life.

(Extract from Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys
Photographs by Jian Wei Lim)

  1. Stripy leotard: New Look
  2. Chambray skirt: American Apparel
  3. Ankle socks: Topshop

I've just moved into my new house in Manchester and despite the 'musty smell, the bugs, the loneliness' I can relate to in Rhys' prose, it's a fabulous Victorian terrace house with masses of potential. My room is on the ground floor and has high ceilings with original coving, a large chimney breast, and faux wooden floors and is painted entirely white - a feature my boyfriend favours above all else! For a student house it's beautifully done, so many period features have been maintained and restored whereas, in my previous student home, bannisters, fireplaces and doors had been ripped out and replaced with walls and grim fire doors and rooms had been cut up into as many potential lets as possible.

I've just returned from ASDA with four exotic looking houseplants, a bedside lamp and forty Smart Price hangers to jazz up my immediate living space and get my life in order before term begins. Freshers? What's that! Pictures to follow...

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