Sunday, 12 September 2010

Fifty Pence Dress

  1. Cardigan: Charity Shop
  2. Dress: Charity Shop
  3. Tights: Hand-me-down from my Mother
  4. Shoes: Marks and Spencers

Do you like my 50p dress? I snapped it up for 50p in the RSPCA charity shop before work on Friday. I instantly grabbed it as its 1960/70s heritage was blatant but I didn't realise its potential in my very own wardrobe until I got home and flung it on with these 1970s brown tights handed down to me by my mum. (I'm obsessed with brown tights at the moment and also mustard yellow, navy, cranberry, cream, duck egg blue and cinnamon - anything but black, please!) I was stunned that, albeit being very, very short, it actually spans my excessively long torso and covers my bum modestly and is totally wearable! The cardigan was a whopping £4.99 from another charity, a distastefully high price for an item that has been donated, but I realised that I would be saving at least thirty quid on what would be an inevitable Topshop purchase otherwise. It's handknitted and really chunky with brown plastic buttons and a cute collar and I'm sure will stead me well for the brutal Mancunion winter ahead.

I've finished my final shift at Dorothy Perkins and now have a week of tidying and packing before I move back to Manchester to commence my final year at University. I'll be starting back at Topshop too just in time to receive my student loans, or vice versa...


  1. oh my gosh it's gorgeous! what a fantastic find! and great outfit too!

  2. I LOVE your mod looking dress....totally loving browns this year:)

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  3. You look great in this dress! And the cat is adorable! Is it yours?

  4. can u speak mandarin fluently?

  5. I love the whole outfit, and am so jealous that you can wear it. (In brown I look like an actual turd.) 50p for the dress, what a find! The cardigan was expensive for a charity shop, agreed, but I wouldn't have been able to turn it down either.