Sunday, 26 September 2010

Divine Shoe

Within minutes of starting back at Topshop on Friday I'd located this shoe and fanned it with a giant palm leaf. Every aspect of it is perfect, from the lustrous patent patina to the nude leather lining, from the chunky heel to the little gold buckle. I desperately need Mary Jane's shoes!

They're on sale for £60, so would be £45 with my staff discount, but I really just can't justify the purchase as I know they'd never get anywhere near enough wear. Alas...

Available at

I start back at uni tomorrow. It's my final year and so I should really be preparing myself for my first seminar tomorrow instead of internet shopping and knuckle down to the serious business of reading literature and installing new printer softwear.

My bedroom in my new house is slowly starting to come together as well. I had a houseplant binge in ASDA the other day and bought myself an Oriental Lily, a begonia with pink flowers, a mad looking Celosia with violent violet coloured 'flowers' and a Peace Lily. I really want to get some more leafy green plants and possibly a Venus Fly Trap if I feel I can truly cater for its dietary requirements.

My room is painted entirely white so feels a bit like an empty gallery space at the moment.

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