Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthday Presents

On September 7th I turned twenty-two. Despite being even an affirmation of my sophistication and wisdom, my birthday also served as an excuse for my loved ones to shower me in gifts!

Weighing scales with brass bowl and weights from my parents.

Virginia Woolf mug from my Jian Wei, 1960s T.G Green bowl from my parents and teacup and saucer from my sister Cassandra.

Nigella Lawson cookbook from Jian Wei and Bon Maman apricot jam from my sister Liberty.

Vintage 1960s wicker magazine rack from Jian Wei.

Reproduction cake tin from my sister Megan.

Designer cupcakes from Lola's Bakery in Selfridges, delivered to me by my friend Joanna.

So all in all, I didn't do to badly and was really rather spoilt. Roll on my twenty-third!