Sunday, 15 August 2010

My Last Duchess Summer

This photo makes me feel sad because it embodies all my disappointments with this year's blustery and damp summer.

The picture was taken by Jian Wei on the train to London for a blissful four days of gallery-hopping and art school degree show mocking discovery. We stayed at his house in Haringay and every morning we'd have a cup of tea in his weedy, overgrown scrap of garden and apply our sunscreen - sunscreen! - and listen to the planes coursing overhead, brimming with optimism and enthusiasm for our impending hot, hot summer.

Alas, upon return from our holiday in Spain, it was time to pack away the flimsy white broderie anglaise dresses and notions of day trips and painting and langourous reading in sun drenched gardens. Jian Wei was press-ganged into a job as a shelf-stacker in Tesco, working six days a week in conjunction with Weekend evenings at Top Chef Chinese takeaway. (The best Chinese in King's Lynn, order the Malaysian Style vegetable satay: it's mindblowing.) The weather broke and Christmas began its advance.

The Daily Mail tells me it won't stop raining until November.

In four weeks time I will be trundling back to Manchester, a journey that marks the ascent of the winter months and extinguishes any last hopes of day trips and sunshine. However, in an extended burst of doom and gloom my thoughts turned to next Summer and the grim yet incredible realisation that I will never have another three month long Summer holiday erupted into the realisation that this is because I'll have graduated, moved to London to live with Jianners and will be... an adult!


  1. that is one thing I wish I could have taken more advantage of - long summers over school break!

  2. Hello...just found your blog...its great!