Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cassandra and Florence

I had a lovely day today pottering around King's Lynn with my sister Cassandra. She's not quite as keen on trawling charity shops as I am, usually shuffling awkwardly around the handbags for a split second before shadowing me listlessly, but today she really started to embrace the hobby with zeal! She helped me to track down some gorgeous red leather Mary Janes in excellent condition in Help the Aged that will soon be making their way into the shop. Bargain of the day was probably this little travel alarm clock I found for £1.50 in the Sue Ryder charity shop.

See how it folds up so niftily? Everything from the past seems so much more elegantly made than anything we can craft now.

Popping into the YMCA charity shop always entails a frantic rifle through their delightful 50p sale rail which never fails to present me with one unignorable essential purchase. Today it was a nautical polyester vest with this killer print:

I am beyond obsessed with nautical and so this top is pretty much a visual representation of the configuration of my mind.

I also treated myself to some fabulous black chunky suedey wedges from New Look which only cost £18 after student discount had been deducted.

I am consistently astounded by just how fashion forward and economical New Look's shoe collections are. For a chain that can be very hit or miss with its clothing, more often Jane Norman than Urban Outfitters, the shoes tend to be in a league of their own with the prices plummeting jaw-droppingly low. For example, these limited edition beauties only cost me a fiver when I found them in immaculate condition on the clearance shelf last February. But back to my most recent podiatrical purchase, I fell in love with the substantial clunkiness of these luscious wedges instantly and had to have them. I will most likely be wearing them tomorrow night when I go out on the town, deep into the heart of the cultural Mecca of West Norfolk...

The day was completed with a visit to Florence Cafe for jacket potatoes with cheese and baked beans and a cream tea. And a pot of tea for two. My sister and I both agreed on how positive it felt to be supporting an independent business that champions homemade food and has a genuine passion for customer service as opposed to pouring money into generic chains such as Cafe Nero and Costa Coffee.

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  1. I like the little clock, it really is very elegant :)