Saturday, 5 June 2010

Come into the garden...

This picture, by Jian Wei, rather eloquently sums up my life right now - making the most of the sunshine and revising for my exams. I'm currently battling through Freud and Butler for my exam on gender, sexuality and culture on Tuesday. If you've ever fancied dabbling in psychoanalysis or gender theory, simply don't. You'll start noting Freudian symbols around your bedroom and realigning/reassesing your gender. What is gender anyway? And who invented the concept of 'woman'? Isn't it just a patriarchal construct...?

(This is my hundredth post by the way. Thanks for following!)


  1. Haha the same thing happens when i study books in deatil for english :P good sun spot though!

  2. Sweet photo!
    Sounds all very interesting to me and i wish you all the best of luck for your exam!
    (and happy 100th post!)

  3. 100 posts, not quite a telegram from the queen....but a comment from me, so next best thing look deliciously glamorous revising in the garden, good luck for those exams Dulcieeeeeeeeee.......xxxxxxx