Friday, 21 May 2010

Steel City?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the above pictures were taken in some sleepy Yorkshire village but they were actually taken in the centre of self-professed Steel City: the wonderful Sheffield. My sister is in her first year of a philosophy degree here and last weekend I popped by the delightful Endcliffe Village to pay her a visit. More acclimatised to the frequent house fires of my tramp-infested neighbourhood in Manchester's most discerning neighbourhood, Upper Brook Street, Sheffield took me by surprise with its genteel locals and tranquil surroundings. Suddenly it becomes clear as to how a Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, could become MP in what should otherwise be a Labour-inundated former industrial power house in Northern England... It's also home of the Arctic Monkeys.

I actually fell head-over-heels in love with this beautiful house. Just look at that ornate oval dormer window! And it's not quite clear from this picture, but in one of the room the entire window was piled high with books. And we're not talking Dan Brown paperbacks...

I believe this is Sheffield Town Hall, built in a similar Gothic style to the one in Manchester just slightly smaller.

Cassandra took me to the Botanical Gardens which until 1996 had remained derelict for the best part of a century. They were built in 1836 to 'promote healthy recreation and self-education' but repeatedly faced financial difficulty and the damage inflicted during World War Two remained unrepared until the 1980s: a project which was again abandoned due to the economic collapse. It really pains me to think that, during times of recession, our heritage is the first thing that faces cutbacks. It would be lovely to see a return to Nineteenth Century philanthropy with celebrities building libraries, museums and parks rather than pouring their money into the botox syringe.

Here is my lovely little sister...

...and here is a weird, goblin-like creature we found inside.

We also found a few hours for shopping and I, somehow, managed to find these Topshop leather and wood sandals that I'd been lusting after for months but which had sold out in days. I was doubly surprised since the Sheffield branch was possibly one tenth of the size of the store I work in and yet, there they were, the perfect size sevens just waiting to be rescued! They are so lovely and, as i put them on my staff card, saved twenty-five percent and got them for £30 rather than £40. I think I might wear them tomorrow to pick Jian Wei up from the train station. Possibly with new beige ankle socks and possibly a Ralph Lauren dress...

So, in other news, I've been revising like a Trojan and literally devouring George Eliot and Gerard Manley Hopkins. I also have to submit a poetry portfolio for a creative writing class I've taken this term and the deadline for that is on Monday. The weather has been gloriously warm and sunny for the past two days and so I've been revising in the garden with my flatmates. Apparently it's set to get hotter and hotter over the weekend which is just the best news possible seeing as this summer has been so reluctant to begin.

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  1. Stunning pictures! i want to buy that house! :)