Monday, 24 May 2010

Dulcie Does English Heatwave Pt.1

Cream crop top: Topshop
High-waisted denim cut-offs: Charity shop (£2.99)
Plaited leather belt: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: Charity shop (99p)

Do you like my new sandals? I got them in a huge old-fashioned shoe shop called 'United Footwear' on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter. The dear emporium never seems to give up hope that a style will eventually sell out and so actually merchandises 'dead stock' as though it were freshly delivered. These beauties are clearly from the nineties and were an absolute bargain at two pairs for five pounds! Naturally I had to stock up and so my other pair are a slightly more sober navy floral and triangle print. I can't wait to leap about in them at Benicassim!
The weather has been absolutely blissful for the past three days, naturally making revision very difficult; yet inbetween gin and tonics and a fleeting visit from Jian Wei I managed to complete my final piece of coursework, the portfolio for a creative writing module I took this semester, and get in handed in. Now, bring on the Middlemarch...


  1. Those sandals are amazing! and those shorts, what a find :D

  2. I love this outfit SO much. It is my perfect festival outfit for summer. I think it's the Penny Lane vibe.