Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sweet Nothings

I've been away from my blog, and all the things I enjoy in life for far too long as a result of the mountain of coursework I've had to do recently. Tomorrow is my final deadline and then Jian Wei is coming to pick me up on Saturday to drive me home-home for the Easter holiday. It may only be three weeks long but I simply cannot wait to escape the city, with its miasma of stress and perpetual looming essay, and will hopefully witness some blossom and daffodils at my parent's house back in Norfolk. Jian Wei has been here since Thursday and yet I feel I've neglected him so much, leaving him to wander the Arndale Centre whilst I worked a shift at Topshop, bullying him into proof-reading my essays and tomorrow I'll be dragging him to lectures with me. This guilt is only exacerbated by the exquisite underwear he surprised me with upon arrival (see above) ♥

I bought a hat today! It is a lovely battered grey felt one from H&M and it was the only one left, no tag attached and perched prettily on top of a mannequin's head. I managed to get it for £7.99 and I think it will feature in almost every outfit I compose over the coming weeks. (I am determined to become a hat lady.)

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