Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ode to Long Hair

Photograph by Jian Wei

So, since pretty much getting my head shaved in China, accidentally, two years ago, I have been desperately trying to regain some hairs. Although I did enjoy my bob, or 'little froth of hair' as my mum bolstered up my ego with, I have developed a pathological desire for excessively long, impractical, Rupunzel type tresses and am determined to achieve them by any means possible. I have been scouring the internet for tips on how to grow it and it seems that, short of cracking an egg on my head, I need to increase my protein intake, along with vitamins C, D and Iron, and engage in some intense circulation boosting to the scalp. One site recommended 'walking on your hands' but I much prefer the idea of rigourous head massage daily. (Lucky Jian Wei...) Apparently, tipping your head upside down and brushing your hair thoroughly can also help speed up the whole process, as can over-shampooing to remove growth-preventing oils from sitting on the roots. I think it'll take probably another two years for my hair to reach the desired length, waist, so until then I'll have to make do with milk maid braids and Luella-style buns... (The picture was taken about a month ago and so demonstrates the current length. I intend to chart my progress despite having the world's slowest growing hair. I blame my vegetarianism. That said, my fringe seems to grow at a rate of an inch a month, at least.) So, if anyone has knows any foolproof Old Wives' Tales or invocations, I will try anything!

Hairspiration taken from Kennedy Holmes who has, pretty much, the perfect hair. (And amazing style.)


  1. My hair is the exact same, my fringe grows so fast! I stupidly cut my hair up to my chin last June and have regretted it ever since. Finally it seems to be growing a bit faster and I think it's because I brush it every couple of days instead of once a month.

    I also took vitamins that are supposed to speed up hair growth, but I don't think they really made a difference.

    Lee Stafford or someone like that does a product that comes in a little pot that is supposed to speed up the process, but it's a bit pricey for the size of it and I am too poor to try it right now.


  2. lovely jacket!