Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Today I found the dress of my dream and guess what, the bitch beautiful creature is too big. I actually broke my heart over this one as I had already started fantasing over which shoes and tights and jewellery to wear her with to my housemate's 21st birthday. (It may be taking place in our basement and will probably involve a homeless person or two but, still, I relish any excuse to dress 'party'.)

Ohh, why did it have to be too big?! If it was too small I'd have found it much easier to have obtained 'closure' and accepted the fact that I simply could not wear it. The bodice is just a couple of inches too big but pinning simply won't work as it changes the entire shape and structure of the skirt and neckline in doing so.

And so, the dress that dreams are made from is Etsy bound despite my pleas, and frankly desperate begging. I should have known she's be cruel. The pretty ones always are...

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  1. Sorry it didn't fit :( however, that is a FAB dress x