Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Winter of Discontent

I'm sick of winter and massively bogged down with one million things to do which have all pounced on me all at once. Seeing as my life has been tragically reduced to sitting in bed all day, laptop becoming fossilised into a living, breathing part my body and crumbs permanently loitering on my chest, I've decided to try and inject a little mojo back into my lacklustre life. I'll even explain the above pictures for your reading pleasure in hope that they will motivate me into becoming a more productive and ceaselessly positive person. (They are all meant to represent moments of significant joy from last year, overwhelmingly picked from the Summer months, naturally.)

1) Jian Wei dozing in Whitworth Park during freak heatwave in Manchester. This was just before I returned home for the summer holidays and, as he'd broken up about three weeks earlier than me, came to stay for a whole week, which is a rarity for us during term time.

2) My older sister Chloe getting married to her husband Neil. It was a wonderful day with the only downside being that she woke up an Emerson and went to sleep a Hoare.

3) Trips to Hunstanton beach on the beautiful North Norfolk coast and contracting third degree sunburn is a summer holiday staple for me. On this particular day, I spent too much time fussing over my younger sister's Snow White skin with sun screen to realise that my own was getting a grotesque grilling.

4) A surprise little fella' in a cup of caramel latte Jianny got for virtually free in the cafe at Rough Trade in Shoreditch, London. It evokes memories of Wavves going into complete meltdown after his amp burst into flames. We had a little chat with him afterwards and he was horrid!

5) Punting for the first time in my life in Cambridge for my sister's hen do. (Almost nearly wetting myself due to too much Pimms, bursting into tears and leaping onto the river bank at full speed in desperation of finding a toilet which later materialised in an ancient college.) It hurt.

6) Amazing 18th century farm house in Lincolnshire where Jian Wei and I spent my 21st birthday in a Yurt! It was a surprise present from one of my oldest friends, Ella.

7) Jolly graffiti in the bark of a tree along the side of the Seine in Paris. If only the yobs in England were as sentimental.

8) Magical greenhouse containing grape vines at said farmhouse.

9) Just Pariiiiiii. Lovliest holiday ever. Hopefully will be superceded by Budapest this year...

10) And finally, wild flowers cannot fail to make even the drizzliest of Mancunion evenings seem just slightly more hopeful.

But all's not doom and gloom. Last night I assisted my pal Clare in dying her hairs cherry red and the result was excellent. She really suits it with her green eyes and peaches and cream complexion and I now consider myself a master hairdresser with the ability to cut AND colour hair to perfection. (I won't mention now that she has a blog too or she'll actually tear the tongue from my head.) Beforehand we went for an Indian and I had the best Korma ever, most surprisingly was the distance of the restaurant from the Curry Mile, and afterwards for a few Gins at the Ram and Shackle. (These outings are rare for me as I have a pathological aversion to student life. I never intended to, it just sort of happened.) It was clearly a hub of the London hipster set 'up North' and we even spotted the head witch! Earlier in the day I trawled the Dead Shop and got some absolute wonders which'll be filtering their way into the shop throughout the week. Also bought myself some tasteless 1980s velvet print leggings in earthy colours which are going to cause my sister Cassie to call for me to be sectioned, and a cute cream handknitted scarf with pompoms on the ends. I needed to change by winter uniform slightly and a new £1 is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. The beauty with buying vintage being that once you're bored of an item you simply sell it on, at a profit!

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  1. I absolutely love this, it was so wonderful remembering all the good times, it just makes you realise how sunless and dreary winter really is. I'm so looking forward to another summer of memories to be had :) xxxxxx