Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mrs Beetham

After my excruciating seminars tomorrow I am fleeing student life for a day and a night. This will begin by picking up Jianners at Piccadilly Station and will be followed by checking in for our one night of luxury at the four star Hilton hotel. Located within Manchester's skinny Beetham Tower, the tallest building outside of London and the tallest residential building in Europe, the Hilton boasts 'Lost in Translation' style suites with floor to ceiling glass walls, a swimming pool in the outcropping ridge allowing views of the streets below via its transparent bottom and the infamous Cloud 23 bar in which a guestlist operates at all times. Chuck Bass would most certainly approve.

I can express how excited I am by the prospect of free, uncurtailed central heating, running hot water and an eat-all-you-can buffet style breakfast, hopefully consisting of lots of fried things and continental novelties such as slices of cheeses on platters and huge bowls of yoghurt with ladels. The sauna, steam room, aquarium-like swimming pool, marble bathroom with BATH TUB and a view which, on a clear day, can stretch as far as to encompass the Blackpool Tower, Liverpool Cathedral and the Peak District doesn't sound too bad either!

The picture I have included was found on google image search and depicts a pretty idyllic Mancunian scene -cobalt blue skies, eager tourists drenched in sunshine pottering around the renovated remains of some sweatshops- all the while being overlooked by the glittering omnipresence of the city's future. I think they should build MORE skyscrapers, what are they waiting for??
Oh, and the lure of the pool had me racing around Primark like a scalded flea in search of the perfect bikini. See below my £7 wonder:

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