Saturday, 27 February 2010

I want.

I've just stumbled across these on etsy and, at $18, I have to say I'm pretty tempted. I love the wedge heel and they look in pretty good nick. Could just be the perfect pair of work shoes I've been searching for...


  1. $18? go for it, they look like some of the things i've seen on UO going for like 140+

    gotta say, i'm really heated at etsy right now (a user anyway). ordered a pair of booties like 2 weeks ago and the chick won't give me any details. she's got really positive feedback though, so i guess i'll wait a little longer :|

  2. I think I just might but I need to wait for some money to build up in my paypal first. Hmm, if you've already paid then perhaps you should contact etsy to resolve it for you. I'm still pretty new to it but I assume it must have some sort of resolution centre similar to eBay?

  3. they look great, go for it!xxx