Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Avoiding Brontë

I am aware that this will make me sound like a phillistine but the reality is that, when facing the mammoth task of reading Charlotte Bronte's six hundred and eight page monolith 'Shirley' for the next day, I often turn to online shopping. I think we'll all agree that, right now, finding the perfect pair of shoes for work is much more important than applying myself fully to my degree in relation to my longterm happiness and prosperity. Of course, shoes led to sunglasses and before I knew it I was facing a full blown spring wish list. Oh well, enjoy!

So we begin with what I can only describe as the most appropriate pair of work shoes on the web. The elastic is both comfortable and 'urban' (a word and style I detest but in this instance actually appeals to me) and the wedge heel is just the right height to be simultaneously practical and extremely versatile. I can imagine wearing them avec tights with pretty much every dress and skirt I own but also with leggings and jeans. Come spring, they will boast naked toes and at £28 an absolute steal. Thank you ASOS. (I haven't actually bought them yet but am very, very tempted.)

I don't know why I've even included these luscious little sandals which are just too perfect for words and therefore come at a price. They are by Chie Mihara and cost a whopping £175 which is a cause of melancholy for Dulcies everywhere.

And THESE Spitfire sunglasses are just too cool. What a find! At £18 they are seriously vying for my affections and could just lure me away from the beloved Orla Kiely pair I also have my heart set on. And look, they even come in tortoiseshell!

Love them! Although part of me wonders just how flattering the slightly blue tinged lenses would be? I'm pretty sure I'm not the sort of person who can pull off visible eyes when wearing sunglasses. It's pretty pointless to be worrying about now anyway seeing as we are still in the very fist of Winter and it snowed all night here in Manchester.

So, in other news, I have now started work at Topshop and had my induction on Monday follwed by a real shift on Tuesday. I have to say it does feel like the easiest job I've ever had before and straightening hangers and smiling at people seems impossibly overpaid compared to some of my other, less savoury employment experiences (naming no names the utterly shambolic Pizza Express springs to mind. Unfortunately I won't be receiving my three items at 60% discount for staff uniform for another two weeks. I'm assuming people have handed in their notice immediately after getting their mitts on some threads in the past which sort of defeats the whole idea.

(Bona fide employee!)

I popped into my favourite Barnardo's today to no avail but had such a successful haul at the Dead Shop on Monday that it didn't really matter too much. In case you're interested, I also write a separate blog for my little business venture, The Sweetest Vintage clothing company. I post pictures of everything I upload onto the Etsy shop there and so it's a great way to keep up to date with the current stock. Plus she, the blog is naturally gendered feminine, is looking pretty lonely and could do with having a few more followers! Spread the word, it funds my studies!

Ok, now over to you Charlotte. I'm all yours.


  1. you make sandals and wedges look so damn tempting, but i'm such a lace up boots/oxford flats girl it isn't even funny :/

  2. those sandals are delicious!......we just need that summer sunshine to start wearing such delights! Topshop sounds like pure pleasure in comparison to the sheer hellishness of pizza....i hope you are wound up in the relms of bronte as i type...take care xxxxxxx