Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I'm currently home for Christmas and although the initial furour has now calmed amidst crumpled wrapping paper, I'm having a wonderful time. Last week I arrived to discover that Norfolk was blanketed in snow and there were icycles as thick as an arm hanging from my parents' French doors which caused me great delight. I did particularly well for presents, receiving almost the entirety of TopShop's current velvet collection, along with countless poetry books to set me in good steed for the 'creative writing: poetry' course I will be taking next semester, a Holga which takes 35mm film to cohabit with the one that takes 120 film, a mug tree, Urban Decay eye glitter and mascara and four storage boxes of varying design to get me super-organised for the New Year. Equally impressive was my parents' ability to cater for and seat thirty-one guests for Christmas dinner on Boxing day: all my immediate family. Unfortunately, I now have to lend myself fully to the soul-shattering task ahead: revision for three exams; six essays in total to be written. I've started today by ploughing straight into Nationalism, ed. Hutchinson & Smith and am naturally avoiding preparing anything at all for the criminally difficult 'Power and Gender in the Early Modern Period' seen paper...

(The photos at the top were all taken during a weekend I came home for Bonfire Night in early November so are not particularly festive but illustrate my homestead at its finest.)

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