Thursday, 29 October 2009

Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone

John Ryland's Library - old reading room

A trip to a special collections library to gaze upon wizened shreds of incomprehensible script may not be everyone's cup of tea but it certainly is mine!

Yesterday I accompanied a coterie of the University of Manchester's most fanatical of Early Modern Literature enthusiasts to the John Ryland's Special Collections University library. The building itself is a veritable neo-gothic fortress and upon arriving we were instructed to leave our coats and bags under lock and key and were warned not to attempt to use ink in the 'presence' of the texts. Subsequently we were whisked through faux candle-lit passages of Manchester's 'Taj Mahal' feeling like Medieval monks on our way to flagellation. The fact that our guide persisted in refering to the various manuscripts as 'beasts' did little to allay my fears at outright academic humiliation in the presence of the head of my department. Naturally, a security guard equipped with truncheon and taser followed suit.

As to the actual goings on of the trip and the library, you will only have to speculate... they were, obviously, faaaaaar too subject-specific and nerdy to smear across a simple lifestyle blog. It will also, hopefully, encourage you to go and investigate 'what lies within' for yourself!

In other news, I am off to London tomorrow (via coach unfortunately, a most RETROGRADE step) to spend a week studying with my beau and will then be returning to my homeland over the weekend for the inevitable and much anticipated Emerson Bonfire Party. I'm looking forward to doing lots of photography in order to benefit from a £2.80 processing fee at my darling's local Sainsbury's. And because I haven't really done any at all since arriving in Manchester and Flickr provides me with fresh competition day in, day out...

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