Sunday, 7 June 2009

Some Photographs I Took With My Dad's Old PENTAX MZ-M

These are the most successful shots from my first film developed from using my first 'proper' film camera, a PENTAX MZ-M that my Dad has bestowed upon me. The first, second and fourth pictures were taken in York and two of them feature the incredibly impressive Minster, a beauty which was recently returned to and conquered as Jianny and I ascended the two hundred PLUS steps onto the roof of the tower. The third and fifth photographs were taken by Jian Wei in the Tate Modern Member's Lounge and the seventh in our favourite Italian restaurant in Angel. The sixth features some rather painfully adorable balloons Sophie's friends brought along at a low-key flat party which I fell head-over-heels in love with. Just look at the eyelashes!

I've just taken Jian Wei back to the coach station as he's been here in Manchester for a week and am adjusting to making do with my own company again. I keep expecting to see him sitting on my bed fiddling with his new Canon every time I turn away from the laptop screen. I've done more in this week in his company than I've done in an entire semester alone and now I must attend to the pressing concerns of my impending Textual Communities exam tomorrow. It feels like so long since lectures and seminars finished that I'm finding it extremely difficult to give this exam the credit and attention it really quite urgently requires. I keep telling myself that if I can blag my way through a Chinese exam and pass I'd be pretty mortified if I couldn't do the same answering a question in my native language. Anyway, if I bomb it I'm getting the coach at 9.15am to London the next morning anyway for an intense four days of gallery openings including the private viewing of the Central Saint Martin's Foundation Show. And then the day after I return to Manchester my parents are coming to pick me up to take me HOME.

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