Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Early Worm Catches All The Birds

Today I debuted my baby, 'The Sweetest Vintage Clothing Company', at the University of Manchester's Student Union market and spent the entire day eating fondant fancies and houmous whilst gossiping with friends and making lots of benjamins. The ethos of my little venture is to hand-pick particularly adorable finds from charity shops, attics and car-boot sales and sell them on at extremely reasonable, student-friendly prices in a form of eclectic travelling boutique. I was absolutely delighted to be left with a barren stall at the end of the day and am excitedly anticipating the prospect of spotting students flaunting their Sweetest Vintage around campus. Eee! I am aiming to trade again at the SU on Tuesday, 19th May and, although the thought of restocking in the midst of exams is enough to turn my hair white, I look forward to spreading a little bit joy via the medium of vintage retail once again. Watch this space.

And now, I am proud to present you with my first ever 'photo blog'; in homage to all my pals who helped out and supported the venture and a brief celebration of the time capsule-like properties of the defunct Manchester Academy 2.


  1. Are you going to set up a blog for sweetest vintage?