Sunday, 26 April 2009

Something like a phenomenon

On Wednesday I went to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Manchester Academy, a venue which is conveniently located about one hundred metres from my halls. Despite not having all day to get myself totally psyched and pumped, due to a three and a half hour compulsory screening of Schindler's List directly beforehand, I was rather excited once waiting in the darkness.

Karen O failed to disappoint in a neon pink gimp mask emblazened with a spiral of fairy lights, tribal print dress with snatches of trailing gold holographic swathes of fabric and pink fishnets. The set list was, as far as I can remember, 'Heads Will Roll' followed by 'Black Tongue' and then, in some sort of order, 'Phenomenon', an unidentified cover, perhaps 'Addicted to Love', 'Dull Life', 'Down Boy', 'Gold Lion', 'Soft Shock', 'Zero', 'Y Control', and then for the encore: 'Maps' and 'Date With The Night' - for which she changed into a red and blue kimono. 'Gold Lion', 'Date With The Night', and 'Zero' were definitely the highlights of the evening for me, and seemed to go down explosively with the crowd, especially when O put on the studded leather jacket that she wore in the video to 'Zero'. I was also surprised at just how smiley they all were, how indefatigable, and how rapidly after the concert I began to question whether I'd actually really been there at all...

In other news, Jian Wei and I have received confirmation from Dave and Aralynne McMane that we can rent their Parisien apartment for our first ever summer holiday. It's going to work out to be three hundred euros for seven nights which is rather good value in light of the current unfavourable exchange rate. I have also got a little plot at the Student Union Market on May 5th where I can present the assortment of charity shop finds, second hand cast-offs and donations I amounted over the Easter break and hopefully profit from gullible students, well-endowed with bulging loans. And finally, I applied for the Creative Writing: Poetry module next year which is judged on the individual students' submissions, so, wish me luck!

Enjoy the sunshine. x

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