Friday, 13 March 2009

The Power of Three


The little book on the left is the latest addition to my fledgling Pelican collection. Although I only have two at the moment, mostly hindered by the astronomical prices offered by Oxford Road OXFAM (£1.99 each!), I keep bearing in mind that from tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow. Despite being a much more recent publication (1958) than the Bennet (1938) it is still a pretty, and extremely charming, addition to my bookshelf. Plus the yellowed pages smell sweetly delightful.


I came across this tentatively scribbled on the metal doors at the back of Manchester Academy and couldn't help but wonder what the author's intention was. The choice of diction, combined with the self-conscious squiggle, leads me to believe that they were undeniably making a parody of graffiti and thus taking part in mindful vandalism. Anyways, I like the mottled effect of the light and colours on the metal in the photograph and the way you can just about discern my two reflections.


At last, a visible end to a farcical election. Witnessing this scene just enforced how disposible the candidates really are with their replicated posters and substanceless manifestos...

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