Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Drip drip drop

I'm troubled by the notion of to blog or not to blog. The medium itself is constricting. Whether serving as a public diary or a contrived portfolio of how cool you are, both are too formulaic to honestly compell me to write. Wallace Steven's words 'we are the mimics' seem to haunt me as i desperately try to squeeze out sentences that won't make me squirm with self-consciousness. However, as the hideous essays begin crawling from out of the dark places from which they've been banished, I feel internet escapism calling to me and the humble weblog summons me into its open arms, allaying my fears with sweet promises of never judging me on the lineality of my argument or the presentation of my footnotes. Dear little blog, perhaps you have presented me with an arena in which to play with words, sculpt with ideas and paint with reflections, drawn from my previously unexamined life...

Despite the seemingly endless rain, the days are getting longer, as is my hair. My thoughts are turning to summer dresses and Topshop's Spring range is looking promising, the highlights being as follows:




I'm loving what appears to be a big return to the prints of childhood and will definitely be championing this trend once I find the perfect flat T-bar sandles. I'm thinking of white or baby blue leather. Ooh.

I started my coursework for the Textual Communities module about four hours ago and at the last click, word count informed me that I have thirty-two words. This is despite consuming an entire can of 'Monster Ripper', a freebie thrust upon me outside the Student Union yesterday afternoon by a chap, leaning out of the back of a SUV, wearing a black fleece with claw slashes on. I was intrigued as to how it would compare to 22p LIDL classic, 'Stimulation Drink', which although coming in smaller portions, does exactly what it says on the tin. I'm particularly perplexed by the recurring images of claw marks, tigers and monsters: could I even possibly be consuming a more masculine product?

Ta ta for now. x

P.S Jian Wei quote in his blog that mine is 'already better than his'. This is because Keates and Yeats are on my side. ;)

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  1. I could go for some monsta rippa right now.
    You've made me want to update my blog too :)